Ultrafast and Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of Molecularly-Engineered Materials
Our research focuses on ultrafast spectroscopy and nonlinear optics of molecularly-engineered organic and inorganic materials. Specific materials under current investigation are semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots), polymers, fullerenes, organometallic compounds (phthalocyanines and porphyrins), and ordered/disordered structures made of these materials. We study fundamental electronic energy structures, the nature of primary photo-excitations, the effects of many-particle interactions, carrier energy relaxation and ultrafast recombination dynamics, and mechanisms for optical nonlinearities, light emission and optical gain. In additional to these fundamental research topics, we devote much of our efforts toward developing novel materials for device applications. This includes our work on optical amplification, ultrafast holography, and optical limiting. We have a complementary experimental facility comprising broadband femtosecond and nanosecond laser sources and instrumentation. Since much of the work outlined above involves femtosecond measurements, we have concentrated significant effort on improving existing and developing new femtosecond instrumentation and techniques.
Our Group
Principal Investigator
blue arrowVictor Klimov
Postdoctoral Researchers
blue arrowJennifer Hollingsworth
blue arrowBrett Kraabel
Alexander Mikhailovskii
blue arrowSam Xu
blue arrowAnton Malko
Collaborators and Associates
blue arrowDuncan McBranch (QTL Bio)
blue arrowMoungi Bawendi (MIT)
blue arrowArthur Nozik (NREL)
blue arrowWoody White (ORNL)
blue arrowAlex Efros (NRL)
blue arrowRajesh Mehra (UCR)

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