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Personal Information
Bilugual: French and English.


MBA with specialization in technology management
Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB)

Ph.D. in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
thesis advisor: Professor Alan J. Heeger (2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)
University of California at Santa Barbara

BS in physics
University of Washington

2005 First in M.B.A. Class of 2005 at GGSB
2000 University of New Mexico Director's List
1995 Chateaubriand Scholarship
1995 Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award
1989 US Department of Energy Undergraduate Research Internship
1983, 88 University of Washington High Scholarship Status

Professional Certifications

2001: C++ (view C++ ceritfication) and Java 2.
2004: Java2 (University of Washington)
2008: High Technology Business to Business sales ( Grenoble Ecole de Management and European B2B Sales Institute )

Technical Skills
Certified in C++ (view C++ ceritfication) and Java 2.
Developed programs in C, C++ ,LISP, Scheme, FORTRAN, PROLOG, ML, and Java.
Experienced using UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.
Familiar with SQL and SQL*Plus.
Experience with UNIX shell programming, nawk, Makefiles and SNMP.
Performed scientific numerical simulations of optical processes.
Extensive experience in nonlinear and ultrafast optics and applied physics.
Experience with object-oriented design using the UML (see example)
Experience with embedded and real-time systems programming (see assembly language programming example)


Professional Experience
2006–2009 Application Engineer

Grenoble, FRANCE
Function: Develop business and market single-Bragg-reflection x-ray mirrors and beam delivery systems in North America.

Results:  Increased sales in North America by 100%, initiated new product development program with General Electric, launched distributor partnership with Micro Photonics in USA.

2002–present Chargé d'Affaires

Lab. du Rayonnement et de la Physique de la Lumière (LPRL)

Function:  Market LPRL infrared low observable coatings in the USA; identify partners and intialte business collaborations in USA.

Results:  Negotiated order from U.S. Army and obtained technical collaboration agreements with General Dynamics, Sikorsky, and Northrop Grumman corporations.


2000–2001 Software Engineer

Viewgate Networks
165 High Street,
Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 IXJ, UK

Designed UNIX shell programs and Makefiles for automatic generation and compilation of C++ test harnessing code.
Designed and implemented SNMP subagents using C and C++ on a UNIX platform for a distributed environment.
Refactored and test-harnessed NetFlow and SNMP data collector modules.
Verified software integrity using purify and purecov.

1997–2000 Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chemical Science and Technology Division
Los Alamos, NM, USA
Built optical parametric amplifier (OPA) to generate subpicosecond pulses of light tunable throughout the visible and near-infrared spectral regions (480–2600 nm).
Demonstrated the highest optical temporal diffraction efficiency achieved to date (1% diffraction in 100 femtosecond formation time) using conjugated polymers and nanocrystals as active materials.
Developed unifying model for understanding photoexcitations in conjugated polymers.
Developed numerical calculation that determines dynamic optical grating efficiency from transient absorption spectrum (see publication).
Designed Los Alamos National Laboratory femtosecond group web page.
Designed and coded software in C for controlling experimental apparatus and accumulating data.

1999 Visiting Scientist

Groupe de Physiques des Solides
Université de Paris VI
Measured polymerization rate in isolated chains of conjugated polymers.

1998–1999 Lecturer

University of New Mexico,
Los Alamos, NM, USA
Organized and taught courses in math and physics.

1995–1997 Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Laboratory of Applied Optics,
Palaiseau, FRANCE
Built and optimized a micro-Joule level OPA giving tunable femtosecond radiation throughout the visible and near-infrared.
Operated and maintained a mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser amplified via a chirped-pulse regenerative amplifier pumped by a 1 kHz Nd:YLF laser.
Investigated photogeneration mechanisms in polydiacetylene using femtosecond transient photoinduced absorption.
Built and optimized an optical pulse compressor.
Developed C code to model optical parametric amplification.

1991–1995 Research Assistant (Advisor: Professor Alan J. Heeger)

Institute for Polymers and Organic Solids
University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
Thesis title: Subpicosecond Photoinduced Absorption Study of Conjugated Polymers and Conjugated-Polymer–Fullerene Blends.
Built and maintained a Colliding pulse mode-locked laser amplified to the micro-Joule level via a seven-pass bow-tie amplifier pumped by a pulsed Nd:YLF laser.
Built an optical fiber delivery system for an 8 Watt, 10 kHz copper-vapor laser.
Collaborated in design and implementation of an optical image correlator based on four-wave mixing.
Designed and built a detection system based on sum-frequency generation in a nonlinear crystal for measuring time-resolved luminescence.
Developed an electro-optic sampling apparatus and measured subpicosecond photoconductivity.
Fabricated microstripline structures on GaAs and Si substrates using photolithographic and electron-beam deposition techniques.
Designed and implemented application (coded in C) to monitor and control experimental apparatus and acquire data.
Coded application using assembly language to yield real-time display of diode-array detector.