My latest passion is... Argentine Tango! Click on the image below to see a list of tango links from around the world.

Natalia and Gabriel

tango links

Another passion of mine is soccer, fútbol, calcio, le foot, or whatever you want to call it. Click on the picture of the most exciting team on the planet to get connected to FIFA's web page.


but I never said they were the best...

Here's some (somewhat dated) pictures of some of the world's best players... (Roll the mouse over the pictures to see which ones have links)

Ariel Ortega Boban

link to Manchester United link to Juventus

link to FC Barcelona

Finally, my first passion in life....skiing!  Here's a picture of a somewhat dated Alberto "La Bomba" Tomba! You can also see some of my latest ski mountaineering trips in the Alps at the site of the Meylan Ski Club.